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Pompano Beach: A History of Pioneers and Progress

Dan Hobby

Authored by historian, Dan Hobby, this hard-covered book examines the people, events and trends that influenced the development and growth of Pompano Beach. The book is illustrated with well over 100 photographic images, many of which have never been published before.

From the prehistoric Tequesta Indians to Pompano Beach's Centennial Celebration, this volume will provide the reader with an understanding of how Pompano Beach became today's modern community.

9" X 11" Hard Cover/ Jacketed

$30.00 plus $6.95 S&H ($36.95)






Pompano Beach Historical Society

Sponsored by the Pompano Beach Historical Society as part of the city's Centennial Celebration, this 'take-me-home cookbook contains hundreds of local recipes (both old and new) from Pompano Beach residents and restaurants. 

6" X 9" Hard Cover/ Spiral Bound

$15.00 plus $5.95 S&H ($20.95)





Lorena Hardin Robson, Donald Downie & Marlyn Kemper

This is a history of Pompano Beach from it's earliest times, in three parts

The first section was written by Lorena Hardin Robson. A proud member of a pioneer family, Mrs. Robson wrote this history in 1974 based on a variety of sources.

The second section is the work of Donald Downie, a resident since 1939. He has collected a variety of stories about Pompano's past - its pioneers and its way of life when it was still a small farming town.

The third section, "Pompano in Perspective", was written by Marlyn Kemper, who was the director of the Historic Preservation Board of Broward County. This historical look at Pompano Beach was published in the Pompano Beach Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Book, celebrating the city's 75th anniversary of incorporation (1908 - 1983).

This book was published for the Historical Society by and dedicated to the "Beanpickers", who are the members of the graduating classes of Pompano High School from 1928 - 1957.

8 1/2" X 11" Soft Cover/ Wire Bound

$15.00 plus 4.95 S&H ($19.95)





Bud Garner


Twenty-seven Short Stories of Pompano, before the Beach was added to its name, by Pompano Historian, Bud Garner.

About the author: Edward L. Garner moved to Pompano from Alabama in 1927 at the age of nine months. His father, J.E. Garner Sr., was a section foreman of the Florida East Coast Railroad. In later years he became area Supervisor and worked for the railroad for forty-five years. Bud attended schools in Pompano from the first through the twelfth grades. He left in 1943 to join the Navy, serving for three years in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of operation. He returned after active duty to earn his high school diploma in 1948.

7" X 10" Bound Soft Cover

$20.00 plus 4.95 S&H ($24.95)


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