Board members

Board Of Directors

Peter Williams                                                                               

Tom McMahon Jr.                                                                         
First Vice President

Claudia DuBois                                                                              
Second Vice President / Immediate Past President

Judy Knoebel                                                                

Lita Chambers                                                                             

Tobi Aycock                                                                               

Jerry Bowman                                                                               

Tom Curran                                                                                 

Bruce Gambill                                                                             

Mona Silverstein 
Carol Ann Mott                                                                             

Chris Mullon                                                                                   

Irene Reidich                                                                                 

David Wheeler

Margaret White

Rob Whitsett

Don Downie, (Honorary)

Lamar Fisher, (Honorary)

Charles Lewis,(Honorary)

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